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With the lynx monitoring tool  lynx indications can be recorded, archived, managed, edited and presented.

There is a public section and a section for registered users only.

In the public section different functions can be used for presenting the indications. These functions are described in the following.




On Home there are the following functions availabe:

  • language selection with flags of the country (top):


  • menus (left side):




  • recovery of the cover page



  • View indications: see below menu "View indications"
  • Select indications: see below menu "Select indications"
  • Indication categories: definition of the indication categories
  • Map legend: description of the boundaries in the map

In the following the modules "View indications" and "Select indications" are described into more detail: 



Menu "View indications"


This module allows the visualisation of the lynx indications.

After selecting this menu the submenu "Help - View" appears which gives information about the illustration of the indication categories in the map:



On the right you can see a map viewer.

On the left details of a chosen indication can be shown by leading the cursor on the symbol of that indication in the map (the ID number appears) and pressing the left mouse button.



Map viewer: 



In the top left corner of the map window there is a survey map: a red rectangle indicates the current map extract of the map viewer. This rectangle can be moved by leading the mouse cursor to this rectangle and keeping the left mouse button pressed.

The extract of the map viewer can also be moved in the following ways:

  • leading the mouse cursor on the map, keeping the left mouse button pressed and moving the cursor in the wanted direction.
  • by means of the arrow keys of your keyboard
  • by the help of the control unit

Control unit:


Functions of the control unit:

  • by pressing the arrows the map extract moves in the according direction
  • + = zoom in
  • -  = zoom out
  • with the slider you can zoom in and out
  • by pressing "1:1" the map overview is shown
  • Drucken  = printing the map extract


Menu "Select indications"


After selecting this menu the submenu "Help - Select" appears which descibes how to select indications:



Before the map is shown you have to select the indications by means of the selection window:

The following criteria can be chosen:

  • time span
  • indication categories (SCALP categories)
  • type of indications

With "Groesse der Luchssymbole" the size of the indication symbols shown in the map can be varied.

After pressing the button "Anwenden" the selected indications are shown within the module "View indications".



Help - Browser:

  • information about the necessary browser settings


Help - Tool:

  • this general information about the lynx monitoring tool


Link to impressum and to "Landesforsten Rheinland-Pfalz":




Log in/log out-menu for registered users:





Important remark:

The analysis and interpretation of the detailed presented indications have to be conducted by lynx experts. Corresponding publications are available here: